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Better write in this thing before it does something weird...

So not only did I get caught up at that fool's tower and have to start the trip to Axis Town over again, but I got sidetracked as we skirted the forest's edge a few times. At least they were welcome, if not very worthwhile, distractions. Despite having some bouts with the wildlife, I somehow think there should be more of it running around.

These Central Woods are supposed to be dangerous, damnit. Tch. What a joke.

Either way, made it to Axis Town with the manjuu.

I don't plan on going to that "ball" or whatever it was going on here, but I'm supposed to find the inn it's being held at anyway. Whoever that was that had something for me, I'm here.

Maybe this town will have some better leads on something fun to do. There has to be something challenging to fight around here. If nothing else, it has a bar and idiots who may serve as a way to pass some time if riled enough. Heh.

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