souhi_no_arashi: (Huh?)
2010-01-24 01:41 am

[Video] 01

*The screen shows the background blurring around as the phone is obviously being moved about before it finally settles on Kurogane's face. The man looks fairly annoyed, but the expression was pretty natural for him anyway.*

I'm just testing this stupid thing out, but I may as well get some information out of it.

How far out has anyone explored past this Somni place? Also, anyone know where a weapons shop or a mechanic are in the city?

*The man frowns a little at something in front of him and then clearly has to suppress an eyeball roll.* What the hell are you --? Tch, if you found sake couldn't you wait to indulge and --

*And the call is abruptly cut off as Kurogane clearly found something more interesting. Besides he'd said what he wanted and tested the phone, he was done.*