[Voice] 24

Jun. 29th, 2011 03:10 pm
souhi_no_arashi: (Resolve)
[The voice that comes on is tired and gruff.]

At least the people who'd disappeared were just in those damn sleep comas, apparently. So convenient for this place to whisk them away without warning in the middle of a disaster.

Tch. ...

For anyone who knew him, the magician wasn't one of them. He's gone.

At least he made it out of here. Bastard.

[Filtered to Oume Onsen residents/workers (specifically Ryuuou, Yamamoto, Hibari - doesn't know he's asleep yet]

Me and Bucking Horse are headed back to the onsen to see the damage. I don't expect there to be much left.

If any of you can lend a hand with the rebuilding, we could use it, but if you have other things to take care, just do it.

[And here the ninja had been hoping to make expansions. Not start from damn scratch.]

[Filtered to Unicorn, Hideki, Kamui, Magnus, and Lenalee]

If any of you need a hand, let me know.

[He's particularly worried about that horse given that she seemed to live in the forest...]

[Voice] 21

Feb. 21st, 2011 11:19 am
souhi_no_arashi: (Intense)
[Call filtered to onsen residents/employees, Magnus and Unicorn (since he knows they're friends), Draco (since he's heard Fay talk about the Quidditch before), Ashura]

[There is a certain tight gruffness to the man's voice as it comes through the call. A mix of frustration, irritation and perhaps some concern...]

The magician hasn't woken up yet. It's been over a day and normal means aren't doing anything to wake him up. Looks like a sleep coma. Just so everyone is aware of it.

Everyone at the onsen, we're going to have to divide up kitchen duties until he wakes up. I'll handle today.

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