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Growling Kurogane unbundled his cloak and headpiece, wringing one out and shaking the other a little drier, but it didn't do much good. He was still soaked from head to toe and pissed about it to boot.

That river spirit would regret its mischief if he could summon up a proper storm in his ire. He would flood it so completely that it would lose its banks and channel to teach it a lesson...

But given his situation, it really wasn't feasible. So instead all he'd managed was to blow a giant chunk of land out of the middle of the channel and now it was pooling in the new void before continuing on its merry way. Tch. He didn't hear or see sign of the spirit coming to laugh at them, so he figured he'd made his point at the very least. Maybe it would think twice before playing with the next crossers even after he'd been assured safe passage.

Not that he or Mokona had not crossed the narrow point of the river safely. They'd just managed to get soaked doing it due to a convenient surge in the flow of water and rocks along the bed sliding conveniently out from under foot.

Muttering unintelligibly, he tossed the still dripping cloak over a low branch and hung the head piece and his dripping wet bag (containing the lamp still thankfully, nothing had been lost in their little dip) and cask next to it and then proceeded to strip off his top to wring that out next.

(( OOC: Feel free to find them anyone who wants. And, Foxfire, feel free to have saved Mokona from the soaking too, of course. Mokona is resourceful at removing herself from harm's and mischief's way pretty often after all. XD ))

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