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Kurogane stalked ahead of his traveling companions how the hell had he ended up with those anyway?! and wondered how much further that bird was going to continue leading them through a now somewhat thinning forest.

Actually, they hadn't traveled much more than a day and a half and had already seemed to reach nearly the other side of the central forest that supposedly split this land in half. He'd been expecting it to be bigger, honestly. Perhaps the bird had taken a path that passed through a narrower section of the woods. There wasn't really any way to know without a map or some exploration and Kurogane didn't care that badly to find out either way though. At the very least, they seemed to be reaching the end of the forest with little incident. Which both relieved him and pissed him off. He didn't particularly want to look out for that kid and would have had to if they'd come across any trouble, but at the same time, he was bored out of his mind and just itching for something to happen.

His dreams the previous night had only proved that too true. Shaking his head, bits and pieces of the dreams lingering still with him, he tried to clear them out. Fighting side by side with a "Princess of Dolls?" Tch. And that girl with the wings on her feet and that grinning idiot... standing around while he was chained down... He developed a twitch just thinking about it. He'd wanted to smash in that guy's face just to make him stop grinning and looking so damned smug and happy!

Kurogane was finally pulled out of his musings about the bizarre dreams when he realized he had lost sight of the damn bird again. He lifted his eyes to an increasingly cloudy sky, not thinking much of the fact that it had been sunny only minutes before, he wasn't going to complain. He spotted the creature circling in the sky before taking off toward what appeared to be a tower or castle not far ahead, peeking over clumps of tall trees. He paused and turned back to the others, eyes falling on Taiki, "That it, kid?"

(( OOC: So! Taiki, Mokona and Sakura if she uhhh tailed them (though they have been walking for about a day and half since the river meeting, so she'd have been gone from home that long too, but please feel free to have her following them!) - we are arriving at Fay's tower after following Windam! I figure the dream event happened the previous night when they made camp. ))

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