[Video] 12

Sep. 5th, 2010 06:52 pm
souhi_no_arashi: (Steel Grip)
*The feed clicks on and Kurogane's looking off to the side, scowling at someone or something out of view.*

I'm doing it already, just leave me be, damnit!

*Red eyes swing to the camera now and he looks none too pleased with whatever he's going to say.*

I've put out this call once before without much success, but people have come and gone and now I need someone, so... Tch. Is there a mechanic here who could deal with an artificial limb?

*The Dreamberry's camera is pulled outward, showing he's shirtless and then shifted to the side, putting the arm in question in view of the camera. There is a fully mechanical limb from shoulder to fingers in place of his left arm, made of complex pieces that almost resembled human muscle structure simply in metal. However, it's clear it's seen some better days even if it was still working. Also, the shoulder it's attached to is wrapped in bandages.* This is what you'd have to work with. It got some damage in a fight about a week ago.

*After a moment, he pulls the camera back up to his face, still vaguely scowling and continues.*

If not, is there a doctor willing to try and work with something like this anyhow or at least one willing to sell me some stronger pain meds?

Hn... that was it.

*Glances away, shooting a look at the person he'd snapped at before, muttering "There, are you happy now?" before he ends the public call.*

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