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That stupid talking meat bun is proving more trouble than its worth. It does not shut up. I haven't bothered asking it for another wish yet, but I'd rather know what catches there are first because that's too damned convenient to not have a catch.

If I could get it to answer me seriously, I'd have already asked, but the only thing it seems to partially listen to is threats of violence.


And on top of having to listen to it I'm bored... nothing interesting in these woods yet damnit. We're stopped by a river for now. Seems to be a thin point of it, so crossing it won't be an issue, but where the hell am I even going?


How am I supposed to find more strength if there is nothing worth fighting, huh?

May try and speak with some of the local spirits after offering some of what's left of the sake. This may not be home, but there must be some here as well and they can tell me if there's anything of any worth out here.

(( OOC: Being a kami, Kurogane expects there to be other nature spirits and kami around, even outside of his country and out here and I'd assume there are at least some, just probably not a kami for everything like in his kingdom, or at least spirits that are similar. ))

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