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(( Continued from this thread. ))

[Kurogane was more than properly clued in without the added hints, but they weren't unwelcome. If nothing else they just added fuel to the fire, teeth, tongue and lips claiming Fai's throat with abandon. This battle, being here in Nihon, facing these foes, it gave a new intensity and passion with which he drew his blade. It left him with a high that only the thrill of battle could give. And having this man at his back, fighting so seamlessly together even now, no, especially now, to protect his homeland, it drove a different passion home hard.

A soft growl rumbled from the ninja in answer to the speechless request to press closer, heat rushing through his veins as he molded his body to the other man's. One hand gripped the jut of a lean hip while his flesh and blood hand slid into silken strands and tangled there.

And to draw out more of those breathy moans and gasps, there may just be a few marks being left upon that pale skin.]
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