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(( Continued from this thread. ))

[Kurogane was more than properly clued in without the added hints, but they weren't unwelcome. If nothing else they just added fuel to the fire, teeth, tongue and lips claiming Fai's throat with abandon. This battle, being here in Nihon, facing these foes, it gave a new intensity and passion with which he drew his blade. It left him with a high that only the thrill of battle could give. And having this man at his back, fighting so seamlessly together even now, no, especially now, to protect his homeland, it drove a different passion home hard.

A soft growl rumbled from the ninja in answer to the speechless request to press closer, heat rushing through his veins as he molded his body to the other man's. One hand gripped the jut of a lean hip while his flesh and blood hand slid into silken strands and tangled there.

And to draw out more of those breathy moans and gasps, there may just be a few marks being left upon that pale skin.]

Date: 2013-06-09 06:53 pm (UTC)
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[With each scrape of teeth along his neck, Fai felt a shiver spark down his spine, caused his breath to shudder out against his partner's ear. He could feel the press of each of those fingers low on his hip and with that pressure, all rational thought fled, leaving a sharp spike of want and desire in its place.

That was why he gave another low, throaty moan, fingers clenching a little harder in Kurogane's hair, encouranging that wicked mouth and then rocked his hips in a slow roll, his other hand sliding down the armor at the ninja's back until the nimble digits could worm under the chest plate, where sharp nails could trace light lines along the waistband of Kurogane's pants.]

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[Now that had to be cheating - taunting him with such words, then taking his ability to retort away? Yet all those words did was earn Kurogane a low, throaty laugh that was caught between the press of insistent lips, too lost in the near-bruising clash of lips and teeth to even consider pulling back to remedy his lack of response with a more verbal spar.

Instead, Fai's own lips parted so that he could thrust a slick tongue between demanding tiers, shuddered as he felt the light scrape of teeth before the slick velvet glide of tongue against tongue.

There was a faint, breathless gasp as he felt the ninja's hips rock against his own again, this time aided with the faint prick of nails low on the other's spine when Fai pulled him closer, moved to press him harder to get a little bit more of that delicious friction between them.

He didn't care if they were on Kurogane's balcony, or if it was the middle of the day. Right then, all he wanted was to feel the press of flesh against flesh, which was frustrated by the layers of cloth and armor between them.]

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All might be fair in love and war, but revenge would be his and all the sweeter for it, eventually, but for the moment Kurogane was just out of reach, his armor loosened but not divested thanks to the ninja's shift in position and so Fai gave ground in this battle, sharp nails scraping along the plates still covering the other's back as Kurogane moved lower. He let his head fall back with a gasp on his lips and a slow flush warming its way down from his cheeks along the length of his neck to brighten his chest with the warmer hue in the wake of Kurogane's lips, hedonistic and unrepentant in his enjoyment of the moment, moreso because they were out in the open, free of his ninja's usual reserve.

That hazy realization alone had him curling one leg behind the other's, as if to draw their bodies closer, his back arching slowly in response to the brush of warm, damp lips over sensitive flesh.]

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[...Kurogane was teasing him now, taunting him with a slow touch. Daring... testing Fai's barely there sense of control. It was a game and, coming directly from a battle where emotions had run high, well, Fai was never one to resist his more playful urges around this man.

Which is why, at the sharp spike of teasing pain, Fai gave a startled cry and then simply moved.

Between one moment and the next, he flipped them both to press Kurogane against the rail. There was a hint of an absolutely wicked grin, ghosted against Kurogane's lips - right before he slipped his hand down between their bodies. Let the ninja keep his armor - none of it blocked his access to the stays holding dark pants to lean hips, or stopped his ability to simply cut the cords tying them together.]

Kuro-sama's not playing fair, so I don't have to either~

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"Am I?" he asked with blatantly feigned innocence. However with that wide-eyed, startled expression on Kurogane's face, well, Fai considers this a win for him, and so he gives a soft laugh, low and breathless once Kurogane traps him - which quickly turned into a sharp gasp at the pointed reprimand of sharp teeth on tender flesh. It's automatic, the way he arches closer, demanding contact from the tease before he feels his feet leave the ground.

And that really is another form of invitation, now isn't it?

Which is why, as soon as Kurogane starts stepping them back towards the room, another mischievous grin slips into place - even as he wraps lean legs around the other's waist, slips his hand beneath the loosened waistband. He's not even pretending patience or restraint now, not as he presses his palm firmly against the other's hardened length trapped between them.

"You're taking too long, Kuro-sama..."

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[A shudder sparks its way down Fai's spine with the continued assault of lips and teeth on his throat, but he starts to laugh at the threat of patience because Kurogane was one to talk about such things! The laugh is a short lived one, quickly replaced with a soft gasp as a slick tongue soothes its way over already tender flesh.

His eyes close in pure pleasure at the attention, but his hand... well, that doesn't relinquish its prize in the least. Instead, slender fingers work to curl around his ninja's length before he begins to brush his thumb in slow circles around the tip, each brush spreading the slick fluid just a little more.]

I dunno... if you're the teacher, it might be a short lesson~

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