[Dream] 28

Nov. 14th, 2011 12:56 am
souhi_no_arashi: (After the Battle)
[personal profile] souhi_no_arashi
Dream Effects: Non-Interactive. (Optional:) Freezing temperatures, pain, dizziness, but a driving force to push on and not give up.

He was alone, he could feel it through ever fiber of his being. He was leaving them behind. Or maybe he'd sent them on ahead...

Kurogane's narrowed gaze swept from side to side, finding nothing but empty halls in this castle. Nothing but ice and stone walls and crimson blood that matched his eyes greeted him here.

He trudged forward another step and it felt as if it took all his strength for that simple act, but he put the next foot in front of him. One step at a time with the drip drip drip of blood following him, streaming down from what used to be an arm, but now was just a severed stump. No matter how much blood poured from the wound, more seemed to come leaving a trail behind him in this labyrinth. Puffs of white fog came with each labored breath as well and yet he pressed on. He wouldn't give up here. There were things he still had to do.

Even if he couldn't remember what they were around the icy haze closing in on his mind.

The hallways and stairs of the castle became a blur of crushing cold and searing pain, trying to pull the man into hopelessness. It'd be so easy to just... lie down. But still Kurogane would not fall to such things. If he could just reach the... what was he looking for again...? It didn't matter. So long as he pressed on, he knew they would guide him to it.

And there were flashes of smiling faces. A pair of warm green eyes. A boy with rust-colored hair. A child-like laugh coupled with incessant teasing. A pair of startled blue eyes, filled with shock and tears that threatened to spill. That image lingered the longest before he shook it from his mind.

They'd guide him home somehow.

... Home? So that was what he was looking for...

The sharp longing accompanying that thought was enough to bring him to one knee. Or maybe it was the blood loss. Regardless, the ninja found himself gasping out in loud rasps as he tried to get back onto his feet. He had to keep moving. They'd bring him home.

... They were his home, he realized as his body gave out and he toppled to the ground. It took only seconds for him to lose feeling in his face as it laid there on icy marble, unable to summon the strength to drag himself up once more.


And just as darkness was closing in on the scene, red eyes snapped back open. That voice...!


"Please hang on... the princess... we.... need..." Their voices came in and out, but it was them. He knew they'd guide him.

Warm hands pulled him up and the same faces came into view, blurred though they may have been.

He wasn't alone any longer. They brought him home...

Finally he could rest...

And darkness closed in to the sight of a pair of worried blue eyes staring down into his and to the sound of cries for help carrying into the distance.


[The feed ends and the light cast by the phone shows Kurogane as he sits up in the darkness, breathing hard.] Haven't thought about that in a while...

[He ignores the phone, climbs out from under the warm futon and crosses the room to the sliding door and pushing it open to show the snow coming down outside. He takes a seat right there in the open doorway to watch the snow come down before the feed times out on its own.]
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