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May. 24th, 2011 04:42 pm
souhi_no_arashi: (At the Races)
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Effects (optional): First person perspective. The feeling and sound of the wind rushing by, the thrill of the race and the exhilaration in doing something daring and a bit dangerous, on top of confidence to know you're going to win. For reference, this is what the vehicle being flown in particular (called a Dragonfly) looks like here.

The rush of exhilaration as another racer was passed couldn't be expressed in words. It was a shock that traveled up the spine and along the limbs making them tingle and pulled a cocky smile to the lips.

The wind rushed by in a roar as with a sharp twist of the Dragonfly's wheel, the vehicle banked hard in the air and then zipped out of the turn with gaining speed. Something large, squishy-looking and pink bobbed in the air in the wake of the racing vehicles, fake wings fluttering behind the ridiculous mascot creature. It was nothing but an inconsequential blur after all.

A voice boomed out from speakers set up along the sky-high track, a route that wound amongst skyscrapers and erected obstacles high above the city that made up the race course.

I hope you folks are all on the edge of your seats because this is a race to remember! Where these newcomers came from, I don't know, but I can tell you where they are going. Straight to the TOP! Look at that handling!

The audience, watching on giant flying broadcast screens or televisions across the city, were too removed to be a factor. Up there in the sky, all that mattered were the racers and their Dragonflies.

The sky, the speed, the thrill. The win.

Another smaller, speedy Dragonfly was passed, obviously having taken damage through that last obstacle. Smaller and speedier, but flimsier. Nothing like this machine. Sleek and powerful. A balance between a sturdy build and something that could cut through the air like a blade.

The red air-borne convertible with wings didn't even slow as it expertly snaked down the narrow coils of the winding tunnel as the announcer, muted within these walls gave a gasp. Something about being just behind the leader now and through the twister tubes too.

Twists and turns, the walls zipping by as nothing more than blurs to the pilots. Every ounce of their focus on the feel of their machines and the track. All eyes were on the tunnel's end to see which of the vehicles would come out in lead position with the final obstacle of the race. Within those tunnels only a truly foolish or brave soul would attempt a passing.

Out of the tunnel's mouth came a red streak and the crowds everywhere erupted in gasps and cries.

THEY'VE DONE IT! Somehow, the Dragonfly known as Kuro-tan has overtaken the leader within the tubes and is now racing for the finish line! INCREDIBLE!

And soaring through the open space, closing in on that goal line, nothing could express that feeling either. Utter freedom and one's heart pounding in their ears with adrenaline and the taste of victory on the tongue...

[The dream fades into darkness just shy of the finish line, all rivals left behind and forgotten, as Kurogane slips into a deeper sleep. The dream doesn't have him stir even a centimeter as the Dreamberry laying beside him records the onsen's ceiling in the dark for a moment longer before the feed ends.]
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