[Dream] 16

Dec. 10th, 2010 12:12 am
souhi_no_arashi: (Reflections)
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Dream effects: (Optional) A sense of peace and contentment. Of at least temporarily sated wanderlust.

There was snow falling softly outside. Gentle white flakes that fluttered down from the pearl gray sky above.

Kurogane found himself staring out the open outer door at the frozen landscape of home, lost in thought. He then found a pair of lanky arms winding around his waist slowly and Fay's chin settled up on his shoulder. He could feel the ease with which the other man held himself and was surprised to realize he was relieved. The snow didn't bring the same haunted look to Fay's eyes any longer apparently. It was almost enough to bring the hint of a smile.

"Shirasaki castle is quite lovely blanketed in white like this," the blonde mused lightly.

Kurogane just nodded silently. He could hear rustling from the adjoining room to theirs and his gaze slid sidelong.

"Ah, they must be up early," chirped Fay, nipped the ninja's ear and then darted away before Kurogane could retaliate. "I'll start breakfast then, Kuro-taaan~" he called back in sing-song as the long trail of his sleep robes swished out of sight out the door.

Scowling, Kurogane eventually followed after into the hallway to hear a soft gasp of surprise from the other room and then excited exclamations about the overnight snow. He turned and slid open the door to the other room soundlessly, features softening. The princess was hanging off Syaoran's arm as the pair gazed out.

Syaoran had noticed Kurogane's presence despite the silence and glanced back to him with a quiet smile. "Good morning, Kurogane."

At that, Sakura whirled, green eyes bright with excitement to fix a smile on him. "It's just like in the world with Jade Country! There is so much snow! If... if you aren't too busy today..." she began hopefully, "Maybe we could all go out to enjoy it together?"

Kurogane knew that by the time he reported to Tomoyo that she would have somehow caught wind of the girl's request and seen to it to make it so. Hell, she'd likely join them for as long as she could get away with. So he just nodded. And found himself with a faceful of white. Not snow, but something much worse.

"Kuro-papa is so kind to take his kids out to play in the new snow! Mokona can't wait!"

The man peeled the still babbling creature off his face and held it up with an air of irritated distaste, but it was mostly for show. And Mokona knew it too, for when he abruptly dropped the manjuu, it just bounced right back up to settle on his shoulder.

"I should go help with breakfast," Sakura announced brightly and smiled one more time at both Syaoran and Kurogane. "Did you want to help Moko-chan?"

Mokona hopped in place, nodding with its whole body. "Mm, Mokona will help make a delicious breakfast for the whoooole family!" It bounced and plopped into Sakura's arms as she giggled and headed to the kitchen to help Fay.

Kurogane and Syaoran shared a quiet look then, left alone in the room. "After she gets a chance to play, I should have time to do some training with you," the ninja offered and Syaoran nodded with a grateful smile. He looked over to their open door much as Kurogane had been doing earlier.

"I'm grateful for it," the boy said softly and Kurogane could feel that he meant for more than the sword practice. Kurogane padded across the wooden floor to join his student, gazing out. Nihon had always been home to the man, and nothing he'd thought before would ever change that. But if he'd returned here without these people, he knew now, that it wouldn't have felt the same. But now that they were here... now it was home once more.

"... so am I."

[The snowy scene faded away into black as Kurogane drifted into a deeper sleep. After a few moments of darkness, the only sounds being those of two people breathing in and out in the telltale rhythm of sleep, and the feed shut off, dream recorded and broadcast.]
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