[Dream] 03

Feb. 27th, 2010 03:07 am
souhi_no_arashi: (Shattered Childhood)
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Dream Effects (if you so choose): Overwhelming grief followed very quickly by loss of self and blinding rage and then just the grief again.

He could feel it, when the arm hit the ground, bloodied sword still gripped in the severed limb's grip. He saw it, of course, but he more felt it. In his gut. Like the weight of the body in his young arms. Tears were already coursing down his face, blurring his vision, but he really wasn't seeing any of it anymore anyway.

Black hulking demons were looming over him as screams echoed around the village as it was ravaged by the creatures. They were close enough for the smell of death on their breath was wafting over the boy, filling his nose and make his stomach churn painfully. Glowing eyes were all narrowed in on the child and woman. Easy food.

Without the wards to keep the demons out... without his mother...

The scream that tore itself from the boy's throat was more like a noise one of those things would make rather than a human. He doesn't remember picking up the sword or prying it from his father's cold, rigid fingers, but he can feel the sword's hilt in his hand and a warm spray of blood over his face as the first of the demons toppled to the ground with a heavy thud.

It didn't feel good or gross or much of anything. He just kept slicing and hacking, no matter how many of them kept coming, clinging to his mother's body with one arm and fending off the demons with another.

He would kill them all.

It was the only thought that would process as he used the techniques his father and his men had taught him to kill them. Kill kill kill. Anything that moved.

He no longer cared to think that maybe some of the villagers could have survived. And even if he cared to, he simply could not stop. There was nothing but a gaping void of rage and grief and exhausted limbs.

He had no idea how long he'd been at it. Nothing moved within the village but a young boy panting, eyes wild, covered in the blood of the creatures strewn about his childhood home.

Everything in Suwa is dead.

Though the sound did not reach his mind, his ears picked up the sound of hoofbeats approaching. Voices talking. He snarled and pulled his mother closer, grip tightening on Ginryuu.

He'd kill them all too if he had to. And then... there was a blinding pain in his hand and it pinned him there, shocking his senses into trying to right themselves. There was a soft voice. Words of regret and sadness and sympathy for his poor tired mother....

"Let her rest..."

*Kurogane woke slowly, chest aching in a way that had nothing to do with the cold. The first time had been bad enough remembering that night, the second night had crossed the line into pissing him off. After that and having heard that the same was happening to everyone else he hadn't slept for the next night at all.

He'd planned on trying to keep that up for as long as possible, but the cold had made that hard. The only way to keep even remotely tolerable temperature-wise was to sleep with the magician and the kid. And he'd fallen asleep in the quiet while they slept.

He reached over and shut off his phone without a word and tossed it across the room without even sitting up. He stared at the ceiling, determined to stay awake through the rest of the dark hours of early morning. He was not going to have the same damn nightmare twice in one night at least.*

(( OOC: Kurogane's responses will all be in a old-Japanese-ish language. He could probably make out Japanese and vice versa of his language. ))
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