[Dream] 02

Feb. 21st, 2010 10:28 pm
souhi_no_arashi: (After the Dream)
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Dream Effects (if you so choose): Starts with extreme frustration tinged with a fear of loss and a heightened sense of adrenaline and urgency. There is a searing pain on the right side of the torso/stomach area as well. As the dream progresses there is a growing sense of desperation and struggle against feelings of helplessness and fear.

Amazingly, there is no interference in the transmission of this dream despite the ice storm and Dreamberry issues. Though the ice storm is totally the cause of the dream itself.

Through hazy vision Kurogane could see the man's quiet smile with his dark eyes glazed. The look of a man who long since given up on sanity, he thought. Pushing himself up despite the intense pain from the wound in his side --should have died from that,-- he brought his sword to bear again. I won't let him hurt them. Any of them.

The vision Tomoyo's dream had left him with was jumbled in his mind's eye - flashes of what had to be done. But he didn't understand the images yet, they weren't important yet. He had to move quickly.

I have to end this and now.

The struggling, choked noises of the magician echoed in his ears along with the thudding of his own heart as it pumped blood harder and harder, as if trying to make up for what was spilling from his side over the ice-like floors of the crystalline castle.

Idiot. You can't even fight back for your own life any longer, despite those kids? Don't you see what he's done to you and made you do?! Your life is worth just as much as his damnit and he doesn't want his anymore! You're just going to throw yours away too?

He had to will his body to move. Never before had a task felt so heavy to him and to exhausted limbs it was almost too much. But if he didn't hurry....

His sword sliced through the ice spears meant for the boy and soulless body of the princess, saving them before that man could use them as bait to send the magician over the edge. Kurogane stepped forward, heading toward the mad king, intending to end this farce. And then he felt the world falling away around him and he crumpled to the ground. His legs could no longer carry his weight... No. No!

He had to get up again. He had to. If he didn't... he'd lose someone again. His forehead was burning hot, as if it was urging him onward, but his limbs simply would not move any longer. Crimson pools were forming in the small craters littering the ground from his and that idiot's initial battle and he could only barely lift his head and watch in horror as that thin frame spasmed from the lack of air as the king's grip only tightened.

"Watch as they die and then kill me, Fay."

Ice spears began to form before Kurogane's eyes, only a puff of hot breath in the frigid air away from his face. And still... he... Could. Not. Move.

A strangled scream was the last thing he heard as his vision swam, swirls of ice blue and crimson red clashing and spinning together dizzyingly before being over taken by blackness.


*Kurogane woke with a sharp gasp, heart pounding, drenched in a cold sweat. The chill air bit at him and made his arm ache, though it was a welcome pain. It woke him further, driving the images from his mind. The scream from his ears. It wasn't for another few moments of sitting there gasping before he realized the phone's screen sitting next to his futon was lit.*

...Tch. Damnit.

*He reached over and immediately turned the Dreamberry off with a look of quiet anger on his face*


Later: *And after speaking to Rita, he attempts to place a filter on the dream from at least his traveling companions, but the storm and the dreamberry interference keeps it from working in the slightest*
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