Jun. 30th, 2010

[Dream] 09

Jun. 30th, 2010 01:21 am
souhi_no_arashi: (Srs Bzns Ninja)
Dream effects: None really.
Notes/warnings: No real warnings (though I'm hoping Kyou-mun doesn't mind my letting Kuro dream him into the dream too. And ex-Toph-mun too XD). Anyone who plays lots of RPGs ICly though may feel like they are watching one, right down to the battle transition scene, the turn-based action and specialized roles. People viewing the dream can even hear battle music and victory music at the end of the fight LOL

And so they continued on their quest... )

*Kurogane blinked his eyes open slowly, frowning a little upon seeing the light of the Dreamberry screen not far from his head in the still dark room he'd started sharing with the magician. He growled under his breath in annoyance and reached out to shut the thing down, not bothering to check what it had recorded right then. He'd deal with it in the morning...*

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